Best Acoustic Strings for Beginners

Guitar strings are very important parts of guitar. Good strings with a good guitar are must to make good sound. For beginners, you don’t need to buy strings when you buy a new guitar because they are installed before sales. If you play your new guitar for some time, you will find the sound is not as good as before. It is not a sign of your guitar skill, it is just a sign that your strings need to be changed. So how to buy the right strings for your guitar? Here, I only want to talk about acoustic guitar strings.

First, make clear that what kind guitar you play. Classical guitars only can use nylon strings. Steel strings can only be used on folk guitars. Don’t make mistake of buying wrong type of strings. Some nylon strings with ball end can be used in folk guitar

, but I don’t use them and not recommend to use them because the different tone of the two kind of strings.

Next, choose the right gauge. For beginners, choose the 10 or 11 gauge. Too thick strings need more finger strength to put on in order to make accurate notes. Although thicker strings make louder and richer sound, you need to practice and become skilled to use them.

Finally, don’t buy too expensive strings. Some expensive premium strings are for premium guitars and professional ears. You can’t tell the differences between them. Some strings are bronze or coated but more expensive. These types of strings have special tone like warm and longer sustainability. You can’t buy them but personally I think is unnecessary for beginners.

If you change your strings of your acoustic guitar, change them all. Don’t only change the broken ones. Changing strings regularly is a good habit for both experienced guitar players and beginners.


Best Acoustic Guitar Under 200

If you are searching for some acoustic guitar under the price of $200, you must be careful. Acoustic guitar under 200 is a range that full of craps especially under 100. Buying a guitar to learn is not go for the cheapest. Beginners just need to buy good  beginner guitar. If you have enough budgets, buy the best within your budget. This will help you learning and make you notice the improvement of your guitar skills.

Low quality guitar with bad sound will do nothing just help you quit from guitar learning. Buying this kind of guitar is just wasting your time and money.  Are there some decent acoustic guitars under 200?

Thanks to internet and e-commerce, you can find some good quality acoustic guitar under 200 online which is listed at more expensive price in local guitar stores.

To avoid the mistakes of choosing crappy guitar, you must know what is the major factors have impacts on quality of a guitar. Some low quality acoustic guitars use laminate as the top to reduce cost. This causes the low quality sound.  So don’t buy acoustic guitar with laminate top if possible.

One of them is Yamaha FG700S. FG700S is an affordable high quality acoustic guitar for beginners. It has solid top made of spruce. This is the main reason I recommend it. Yamaha is a trustable brand and the quality control is stable.

You can learn more about bands and models for beginners, check out If you want to find more about acoustic guitar, just go there.

Best Acoustic Guitar for Women

Women are usually shorter than men. For some women acoustic guitar players, the full size guitars are too big for them. If play too long, they feel pain for hard to hold and handle. Are there any acoustic guitars for women or smaller men?

The answer is yes. Many guitar makers provide small size guitar for those who are shorter than normal adults or for teenagers. The ¾ size guitar is great options for these people.

Another option is find small scale length guitar instead of small body size guitar. Smaller body size guitars are easy to hold for those shorter people. If you don’t have problem with holding a full size guitar and only feel uncomfortable to reach the some frets on the fretboard, the short scale length guitar may be your choice.

Other point I want mention is women acoustic guitar learners could start with the nylon strings classical guitar. Classical guitars are for classical guitar music and have mellow and dark. The classical guitar sound is not good for rhythm and lead play, but they can be used for practicing. The nylon strings are softer than steel strings so the women learners don’t suffer for the finger pain. And nylon string guitars bodies are smaller and easy to be hold by women. The downside of use classical guitar for practice is that you must buy a new guitar if you want shift to steel strings guitar.

Best Acoustic Guitar Companies

There are so many acoustic guitar brands competing on the same market. If you search acoustic guitar in online store or just enter a local musical instrument store, you will find the various guitar models from different guitar companies. Among all those guitar makers, some are considered the best in producing high quality and best sounding acoustic guitars.


Martin is a famous for its high end acoustic guitar models often used by some big names—the top-class professional artists. These models are no doubt the best sounding as well as the most expensive acoustic guitars in the world.


Taylor acoustic guitar are also have high quality sound and considered one of the expensive guitar brands. Their great quality comes from the usage of expensive wood to make unique and best tone.


Yamaha is a Japanese company. This brand is well known for both its musical instruments and motorcycles.  The Yamaha guitar product lines include both acoustic and electric guitars. Yamaha’s entry level guitars are the most welcomed by the guitar beginners for their good quality and affordable prices.


Like Yamaha, Takamine is a Japanese guitar maker. This company offers both high end and entry level acoustic guitars with trustable quality and tone.


Seagull is a Canadian guitar company. It is a sub brand of Godin and focus on acoustic guitars. Most of its models are hand made and with high quality. Their product lines are mainly for professional players and it also makes some entry level acoustic guitars.

Other brands

Some may suggest other brands like Gibson, Fender and Ibanez.  These brands get their reputation from their electric guitars. As to their acoustic guitars, they are good but not as good as their electric guitars and other acoustic guitar brands.

Best Guitar String Brands

Guitar strings are very important factor to guitar sounding. If you don’t use the right and good string, a good quality guitar will not make good sound despite all other good parts.

When shopping for the guitar strings, you may all ask this –what are the best guitar string brands?

There is not exact answer to this question. The reason is there are so many things you should consider when choosing guitar strings. What kind of guitar you play, electric or acoustic? For acoustic, is it a folk guitar or classical guitar? Are you a beginner or an experiences guitarist? What are the music styles you like best, jazz, hard rock or heavy metal?  Do you use pick or just fingerpick? You will get totally different answers for those different scenarios.

Acoustic guitar strings can not be used on an electric guitar. Otherwise, the pickups on the electric guitars won’t work. The nylon strings are used on classical guitars and can’t be used on folk guitars which have steel strings on. If you are a beginner, you should choose relative thinner like 9-10 gauge strings because they are easy to play for beginners, although thicker strings usually have louder and better sound.

So if you talk about best guitar string brands, it all depends on all the above factors.  But in general, there are still some brands in common are considered good brands. My favorite brand is D’Addario. This brand has many product lines to fit most of guitars and players. Other brands I would recommend are Dean Markey and Martin. They all are good guitar string brands for acoustic. Martin produces the high end acoustic guitars which are high priced.

Choosing guitar strings like choosing guitars is a subjective thing. You can have your own preference and choice. Just fully consider all these factors I mentioned above before buying your guitar strings.

Best Sounding Acoustic Guitar for The Money

Martin Acoustic GuitarToday, if you shop for an acoustic guitar, you can find so many makers are competing in this market. Most of these brands are great and produce great guitars too. If you have the budget, you will get what you want–the best sounding acoustic guitar. The price of guitar varies form below 100 to over several thousands. In some cases, buying a top quality guitar is also an investment. The prices of some premium guitar increased several times than their original prices.

If you dig into the market, you may find some guitars with decent quality and reasonable price- I mean affordable price.  Most big brands of making guitar begin provide this kind of product line. You can easily find the big brands’ low priced series. You also can focus on the brands make quality low price guitars. A list of some recommended good sounding guitar models will help you find your great guitar even you don’t have a big budget.

Yamaha FG700S

Martin LXM Little Martin

Seagull S6

Best Beginner Acoustic Guitar: What is the best acoustic guitar for beginners?

Beginner Acoustic GuitarIf you would like learn guitar, one crucial thing is buying a right beginner guitar for you. There are primarily only two kinds of guitar, the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. You will find lots of differences between electric and acoustic in respect of appearance and sound effect. Both are correct for starters. You might pick depends on what music type you prefer. Quite a few newbies go for acoustic as their primary guitar because they are low-priced and portable. Additionally, acoustic guitars generate pure great tone that electric guitars can not . The guitar studying process will probably be simple and quick if you choose a excellent beginner acoustic guitar without paying out a higher price.

You need to have a few acoustic guitar brand names and prices practical knowledge just before you invest in your beginner acoustic guitar. What kind of manufacturers should you think about? My advice is the most respected companies and it will allow you learn guitar simply and quickly. The pricey acoustic guitar is not really a smart solution for newbies as well. Select the greatest acoustic guitar within your budgets.

In terms of acoustic guitars, you should recognize the steel string guitar and nylon string guitar.

  • Steel string guitars are primarily for Country, Rock, and Blues music.
  • Nylon string guitars are for Classical and Flamenco music.

Most of us all learn that acoustic guitars are primarily made from wood. The quality of wood determines the quality of guitar. A lot of acoustic guitars have solid wood top  while other guitars have laminate top. Select the solid top when possible.

Beside the materials, the guitar size is also very important. If the guitar learner is an adult, you need to choose the dreadnought size or jumbo size that are both full-sized. In case you go shopping for guitar of young children, 1/2 or 3/4 size is awesome. In case if the guitar size is too big, it will make beginners tough to push the strings and attain the frets.

Do not shop for the too low cost acoustic guitars. The poor quality acoustic guitar with terrible tone could make you quit your guitar studying.